Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah

Danny Garcia did well in his last bout against Érik Morales to win it by KO. He has certainly improved quite a bit from his last fight with him. As a champion boxer, he will now have to face the best the division has to offer and with fights like this, it’s more than likely he will be able to hold onto his titles. Anyway today he fights the veteran Zab Judah, who although isn’t too old at 35, he has been in a considerable number of wars throughout his career.

Danny Garcia does battle with the veteran Zab Judah.

This fight starts off very quickly, with Zab Judah coming in and not wasting any time. He looks dead set on setting the pace of this fight, so Danny Garcia will need to rise to the occasion, if he hopes to win this fight. Anyway, a very interesting bout, that is well worth watching.

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