Danny Garcia vs Érik Morales II

Danny Garcia defeats Amir Khan in a fight where he looked second best. Amir Khan was the quicker fighter who utilised his skills to really well throughout the first couple of rounds. Danny Garcia however, was able to land one solid punch, which essentially ended the fight, so maybe there is a rematch on the cards, sometime in the future, who knows. Anyway another fight with Morales, I don’t see the end result of this fight being any difference from the first.

Danny Garcia fights Érik Morales in a rematch to cement who really is the best.

Although this fight appears to start off very slowly, Danny Garcia looks very positive as he looks to deliver some of his most power punches earlier on in the fight. I’m certain the first victory has made him more confident of a victory in this rematch, but you never know. Tune in, to see how it ends.

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