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A Look At Mouth Guards and Gum Shields

You looking for a sports mouth guard? Whether it’s for boxing, kick boxing or MMA a mouth guard is an essential tool for professional combat sports.

What Is A Mouth Guard?

The mouth guard is a protective piece of equipment that covers your teeth and gums. This device is essentially used to protect and reduce serious injury to your teeth, lips arches and gums.

– It is also called a Gum shield.

Who Invented The Mouth Guard?

It is unclear for sure who the actual inventor of the mouth guard is. A lot of the evidence found links it’s origins to the sport of boxing.

The Boxing And Mouth Guard (Gum Shield)

In the earliest days of boxing the traditional mouth guarding equipment was not used – instead boxers would fashion mouth protection with small pieces of wood, cotton, tape or a sponge.

The guard was held in the mouth by the boxer clenching the chosen materials  between their teeth.

The down side to this make-shift kind of mouth piece, was that it would take extra effort for the boxer to concentrate on fighting, while at the same time clenching their teeth together.

The Development Of Custom Mouthguards

A break came in 1892 when a dentist by the name of Woolf Krause created a disposable mouth piece for boxers using a strip of natural rubber resin.

The reusable mouth guard is credited to Krause’s son Philip. Ted “Kid” Lewis was a friend of Phillips and a boxer. He was the first to use it in 1921, it is, at this time it was called a ‘Gum shield’.

Now you have a general overview of this protective mouth piece. Here are 5 of the top guards you can buy today:

1-Flavoured Gum Shield/Mouth Guard

flavored mouth guard

The flavoured gum shield can be used for all combat sports and keeps its flavour for up to 2 years.

It has a great appeal for kids that don’t like wearing the traditional mouth guard. It has 6 breather holes to help with comfort and protection.

The five flavours that you can get this gumshield in are as follows: Cola, Mint, Lime, Lemon, Strawberry or Orangeade.

2- Gum Shield Mouth Guard Boil Bite Mouth guard (Black)

Gum Shield Mouth Guard Boil Bite Mouth guard All Sport Boxing Martial Art Football hockey Rugby Baseball Karate Cricket ADULTS size (Black)

This is a single sided gum shield that can be used for a whole range of sports. It is a high quality boil and bite gum shield.

All the instructions on how to use it are supplied with instructions. Some of the sports that it can be used for are:

boxing, Martial Art, Ruby, Hockey, Football and any other sport where it’s necessary to protect mouth and teeth.

3- Authentic RDX Pro Dual Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Authentic RDX Pro Dual Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard Boxing MMA Junior Adult Rugby Braces

The RDX dual gel gum shield is made with quality in mind. It uses an innovative gel polymer together with dual density semi-rigid exoskeletal frame.

It also has acrylic Gel molar cushions, with an outer shell as well as wall extensions that are fashioned to help reduce jaw injuries caused by any front and side impacts.

These mouth guards have soft acrylic gel which means it molds to your teeth for a tighter fit.

The guard has a Soft Contour construction which surrounds it’s self around the upper and lower teeth, this keeps the lower jaw locked into the desired position to decreases the chances of concussions or TMJ injuries

4- Tinxs Gum Shield Pro Mould

Tinxs Gum Shield Pro Mould- Moulds to exact shape! Transparent Sports Gum Shield Mouth Guard Mouthguard Teeth Protector for

This gum shield will mould to the mouths teeth when soaked in boiling water. It is a suitable guard for Martial Arts , Boxers, Rugby players, Hockey and also for general mouth and gum protection.

It can be used by anyone 13 years and over.

5- New Shock Doctor V1.5 Sports Gum Shield Protective Mouthguard Adult/Youths

New Shock Doctor V1.5 Sports Gum Shield Protective Mouthguard Adult youths

This new gum shield by Shock doctor – has all the protective qualities that a good mouth guard should have, it is certainly worth looking at.

Shock doctor V1.5 can be used for both adults and youths alike.

These are just some of the mouth guards that you can choose from if you are involved in boxing or other combat sports.

It is always good to wear all the protective gear available as it, is essential for keeping you injury free.

Once you have your mouth guard you may be wondering what the best way to clean it is? If not, you should. Often times after training, it’s not uncommon to just throw your mouth guard into your gym bag. This is something that you should avoid because doing so means that bacteria, yeast, and fungi are likely to form on it.

A study in 2011 published in the Sports Medicine highlighted that  mold, yeast and bacteria were the primary cause for infections as well as exercise-induced asthma. Cleaning you mouth guard means that you prevent microorganisms from making a home in your mouth, from the guard.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Mouth Piece Clean

(1) – Rinse it thoroughly after use and store in inside its protective casing – you should also ensure the casing has ventilation to prevent any growth of bacteria

(2) – Replace your gum shield when it becomes rough and uneven, because this is an indication of cracks and holes, which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to lodge it’s self to. The rough edges can also do harm to your gums in the long run.

You can choose from even more mouth guards here.

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