Chris Eubanks Jr vs Stepan Horvath

Chris Eubanks Jr took seven rounds to put Robert Swierzbinski, in a match that was pretty entertaining to watch. There hasn’t been much boxing in his fights, just flashes of brilliance, primarily because of how low his opposition has been. However, today he fights Stepan Horvath, who doesn’t look to be much of a step up, but will bring something new and fresh to the table.

Chris Eubanks Jr will fight Stepan Horvath for his 16th bout.

This fight starts off fairly slow and calm, with Chris Eubanks Jr dominating with his jab, although he doesn’t look to be inflicting much damage on his opponent. Stepan Horvath on the other hand looks very cautiously, preferring to sit back and wait for openings. This is an interesting fight, which is well worth a peek.

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