Chris Eubanks Jr vs Ruslans Pojonisevs

Chris Eubanks Jr has been growing from strength to strength, however many people have taken issue with his power. There are a number of boxing fans that believe he lacks the power to be effective at the top of his boxing division. But I think this is a little too premature, as Chris Eubanks Jr is young and is still learning to hone his skills.

Chris Eubanks Jr is looking progressively better as he does battle with Ruslans Pojonisevs.

In this fight against Ruslans Pojonisevs, there is a lot of posturing by Chris Eubanks Jr as he winds up in an attempt to generate power in his punches. A lot of showboating at enters the game of Chris Eubanks Jr which can only be a bad thing, because Chris hasn’t really achieved much in his career, maybe he should slow down a little.

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