Chris Eubanks Jr vs Robert Swierzbinski

Definitely one of the best performances we’ve seen from Chris Eubanks Jr in his last fight, this is more of what we want to see of him. He looked measured, composed, and sharp. Today Chris will be fighting Robert Swierzbinski and if he comes out to fight this opponent, like he did in his previous fight, then this could be a quick night. With that said, I’m gladly optimistic of what this fight holds.

Chris Eubanks Jr looked excellent in his last fight, now he fights Robert Swierzbinski.

A very cagey start for Chris Eubanks Jr, as he refuses to leave his corner, instead choosing to utilise body and head movement to protect himself for Robert Swierzbinski’s attack, this looks like more antics, that I wish will materialise into something exciting. With that said, still a fight worth watching, and let’s hope it doesn’t go the distance.

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