Chris Eubanks Jr vs Omar Siala

Chris Eubanks Jr looked very impressive in his last fight against Ivan Jukic, although you do have to factor in the level of opposition, as Ivan Jukic didn’t put up much of a fight, failing to land any real punches or effectively defend himself from the onslaught. With that said, this fight must have done a lot of good for the confidence of Chris Eubanks Jr, so we should expect to see exciting things in his fight against Omar Siala.

The impressive looking Chris Eubanks Jr will fight Omar Siala next.

This fight starts off fairly quickly with Chris Eubanks Jr not taking too much time to start engaging with his more powerful shots. Omar Siala on the other hand, looks content to just cover up most of the time. He doesn’t look too keen on mounting any real offence of his own. Chris Eubanks Jr should have this fight in the bag, but you never know.

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