Chris Eubanks Jr vs Kirilas Psonko

Chris Eubanks Jr, the son of Chris Eubanks, starts his professional debut against little known Kirilas Psonko. Because of the legacy of his father, many people have high expectations of him, so there will be a lot of pressure on him to perform. He will need to make the right impression, if he hopes to generate the kind of buzz and fan base of his father.

Chris Eubanks Jr starts his professional debut against Kirilas Psonko.

As soon as the bell rings, this fight starts of very quickly, especially for Chris Eubanks Jr, who begins to pepper his opponent with that sharp jab of his. You can see by the way that he’s fighting, that he’s trying to make the right impression. This looks like a formality, but you never know. This is easily a fight I recommend that all fight fans view.

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