Chris Eubanks Jr vs Ivan Jukic

Chris Eubanks Jr fought okay, in his last fight, with the usual flashes of brilliance, but not enough to really gauge where he is in his career. The constant posturing doesn’t appear to be helping his game, and with him racking up victory after victory, this could lead to him developing bad habits. Let’s hope that Ivan Jukic poses a worthy challenge for him.

The undefeated Chris Eubanks Jr steps up against Ivan Jukic, for his next fight.

Chris Eubanks Jr starts off this fight in a very confident manner. Ivan Jukic on the other hand, easily looks intimiated by the obvious height and size disadvantage that he’s faced with. However, that’s not enough to write him off. Chris Eubanks Jr took a number of rounds to really get into his last couple of fights, so the early stages of the fight will be prime opportunity for Ivan Jukic.

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