Chris Eubanks Jr vs Billy Joe Saunders

Chris Eubanks Jr looked good in his last fight, although you have to question the level of opposition, Omar Siala, much like Ivan Jukic looked totally incapable of mounting any sort of attack or defending himself against the attack of Chris Eubanks Jr. These were two fights put on a dinner plate for Chris Eubanks Jr to consume. Anyway, today he steps up against British Champion Billy Joe Saunders, which will be a massive improvement in opposition, so Chris will have to bring his best game for this fight.

Chris Eubanks Jr makes a huge step up against British Champion Billy Joe Saunders.

Unlike all previous fights of Chris Eubanks Jr, this fight looks more like an even contest; with both fighters engage one another in the centre of the ring. Billy Joe Saunders looks to settle things down with his jab, while Chris Eubanks Jr tries to stamp his authority on the fight early, by throwing jabs of his own.

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