Chris Eubanks Jr vs Alistair Warren

In his past couple of fights, Chris Eubanks Jr has been working very hard to improve his power and his ability to finish his opponent, which is commendable. Earlier I had many issues with the game of Chris Eubanks Jr, but I’m glad he’s working on them. Today he’s fighting Alistair Warren, who doesn’t appear to be much better than his last couple of opponents, so we’ll have to wait and see.

After a string of TKO victories Chris Eubanks Jr fights Alistair Warren.

This fight has a fairly quick start to it, primarily because Alistair Warren chooses to take the fight to Chris. Chris Eubanks Jr on the other hand, looks to lead with power shots, as opposed to the jab, so we can expect, at least limited activity from him. With that said, this is an interesting fight, which is well worth watching.

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