Boxing Training – 5 Fitness Enhancing Exercises

Many people in sport have said that boxing training is by far one of the toughest types of sports training there is. Mainly because within boxing training you have to train a range of different parts of the body.

If we contrast training with other sports this is clear to to see. Basketball, Soccer (football in the uk), Ice hockey, tennis etc. – all rely a lot on running forward, backwards and sideways.

If we contrast this with boxing, not all boxers move around as much as others, although forward – backwards and sideways movement do feature – but a boxer also has to put a lot of emphasis on the upper body.

The great thing about boxing training is that it is not just for boxers, anyone that wants to get fit can use this type of training as a way to do get fit.

There are many people that want to give you their boxing training routines, but the best advice you can get for a boxing training workout is from some one that is experienced and has already done it.

You can find some boxing training videos below, as well as the top programs which include step step guides in more specific areas such as:

Boxing weight training
Boxing training equipment
Boxing training gloves
Boxing strength training

And much more…

We have chosen three of today’s best modern day boxing trainers who’s insights are in valuable:

The Top 3 Old School Boxing Training Programs

1)- Ultimate Boxing Lessons by Christopher Getz

christopher getz

The Ultimate Boxing Lessons is the brilliant work of Coach Christopher Getz, who has been trainer for 18 years and also fought as a kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter, he’s also a 6th Degree Black Belt.

Being a certified also as an USA boxing trainer and California licensed boxing coach Getz is more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge. This comprehensive 8 set DVD is for all types of people amateurs, pros, for you if you want to learn boxing self-defense or even if you just want to get in great shape.

2)- Freddie Roach’s Training

freddie roach

Freddie Roach is a former boxer he was nicknamed “The Choir Boy”, and was a very talented light weight boxer who won a number of fights and a lightweight title.

Freddie Roach’s most successful boxer is Manny Pacquiao who is a multiple weight class world champion.

3)- Roger Mayweather’s Hit ‘Em Up

roger mayweather

Roger Mayweather is definitely one of the best trainers in the world. Roger Mayweather nicknamed “the black Mamba” was also a boxer and world champion himself in multiple weight classes.

Roger is also responsible for the success of one of the most successful boxers in his nephew Floyd Mayweather who has the record as the highest paid athlete in sport and the most Pay Per View buys in history – as recorded in the Guinness book of records as well as an undefeated record.

His 8 disc DVD boxing program presented mainly by boxing guru Chris-Ben Tchavtchavadze walks you through all different routines such as footwork, punches, combinations, offense and defense, to circuit schemes, partner drills, bag work, bonus exercises, and much more.

There’s no better way to see what training involves than to watch the pros at work – so here are the free tips and workouts you can do now.

5 Common Boxing Training Techniques

Here are 5 common training techniques used by boxers that you can get started with right away:

1)- Shadow boxing

This training technique goes back years, it helps to keep the mind of a boxer versatile and is not just used in boxing –  other combat sports also utilised shadow boxing.

A popular use of shadow boxing is to prepare a fighter for a more strenuous exercise to come.

Shadow boxing aids in getting the muscles prepared for tougher exercises and is the training technique of choice for most trainers.

As the name suggests the fighter is boxing the thin air and imagine an opponent – and the things he will do to be victorious in combat.

This also aids in increasing “muscle memory”, which basically means using certain movements – which makes them easier to do and more instinctive during a fight.

2) – Sit-ups

The dreaded sit-ups, we can’t get away from them. What ever exercise routine you’re doing – often times sit-ups will be involved.

Sit-ups are used for core conditioning and working the abdominals. Having a good sit-up regime will help strengthen your all-round performance.

In boxing sit-ups are a great aid for optimising punching power.

The key to maximising the use of a sit up is doing it correctly.

Using more technical terminology the muscle groups that the sit-up targets are:

Hip flexors, rectus abdominusand which also work the iliopsoas, tensor fasciae latae,rectus femoris,sartorius, and also slightly to a small degree, the obliques.

For an in-depth understanding of sit ups checkout expert boxing here <====

3)- Push-up

This is another popular exercise, not only used for boxing training, but is certainly a common training technique, whether your doing it for weight loss or conditioning.

Push-ups are used to improve your upper body more than anything else.

For a fighter push ups specifically develop chest, shoulders, the core – and triceps.

Using more technical terminology:

Pushups exercise the pectoral muscles,triceps, and anterior deltoids, and also benefit the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis and improve the midsection also.

4)- Cardio Exercises

Cardio is commonly used to increase endurance. Having a good cardio routine means that you last longer, which in-turn makes you feel better.

The key to a good cardio exercise is doing something that increases your heart rate. By doing so this trains your body to take in more oxygen, which helps prevent you getting out of breath as quickly.

Running at a comfortable pace will not increase your endurance, although running is a good exercise. You will have to do some sprints to up your heart rate as-well as other heart pumping exercises, in-order to improve your cardio.

Hitting a punch bag, sparring and skipping are all good ways of increasing heart rate and cardio.

5)- Jump rope

Jumping rope is commonly called skipping. In boxing it is basically using a rope which you twist over your head and jump as it reaches your feet.

Jump rope is very popular in boxing training and you can use it to improve a number of different abilities for a fighter, such as:

  • Overall better footwork
  • Increase in endurance
  • Better ability to throw punches
  • Better coordination
  • Increased quickness

Another good thing about jump rope is that it is a very cheap affordable way to increase fitness. A jump rope can cost just 5 bucks. Skipping is also a fun workout.

There are plenty more exercise routines used by boxers. These are just five I picked out that can be done without any expensive equipment, right now.

If you want to see video examples of different workout routines or want boxing work footage you can view on demand check out expert boxing here.

Now you have all the courses to start training for boxing and you’re in good hands knowing that you are following the old school tips that the best trainers in the world are using today – All the best!

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