Bernard Hopkins vs Karo Murat Weigh In and 2 Other Fights

Bernard Hopkins vs Karo Murat, a nice fight for Bernard, what can you say, this man is nearly 50, 48 to be exact! and he’s still fighting. To top it off Hopkins came in under the weight without struggling, great role mode for health….

Murat is a good boxer in his own right, he has had a good amount of fights and just one loss.

I expect Bernard to frustrate and use his experience to win this fight, he knows exactly how to position him self and is great at schooling younger fighters with all his ring generalship.

As you heard he wants a knock out! So this may be a better fight than some of his previous showings…On the other hand if he goes for the knock out he may leave him self wide open.

I’m picking Bernard, but there’s always a chance for Murat, he’s fighting a 48 year young man…

Bernard Hopkins vs Karo Murat – Hopkins is Back…

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