Andre Ward vs Mikkel Kessler

Andre Ward joins the Super Six World Boxing Classic tournament, where he will be matched against the very best fighters in his division over a 3 year period. Joining this tournament was a very smart but dangerous move for him, since there is no real way of determining whether he’s ready for a Mikkel Kessler. Kessler on the other hand has only lost once and is a multiple time world champion of the middleweight division.

Andre Ward makes a huge step up in competition, as he fights Mikkel Kessler for the WBA (Super) super middleweight title.

This fight has a very balanced start to it, as both fighters meet in the center of the ring and begin to engage one another. However, from the onset it’s obvious that Andre Ward is slightly faster than his opponent, so Kessler, who is the more experienced fighter, will need to look for workarounds, if he ever hopes to win this fight.

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