All Access: Mayweather vs. Canelo – Episode 1

Mayweather says he can’t be beat, is that true? So far it look’s like it is.

“Long live Canelo” is the shout from the Canelo camp, is that warranted, we are going to have to wait and see if that’s the tune after the bout.

Mayweather predicts a defeat for himself 20 years from now lol! So we all know what that means.

Is this the end of an era, or is this “easy work”, as Floyd always says.

These are definitely to top fighters, Canelo or Floyd – Who are you going for?

Canelo likes shoes, I wasn’t to keen on the shoes he was trying, but each to his own.

The Money team all look to be shining. Mayweather’s even buying pimped out watches for his security staff, extremely generous guy.

It has to be said that Canelo is holding his own, it’s a bit hard not to when you capture the imagination of the spanish speaking population.

Canelo has a nice calm about him, and I’, sure the crowds are not going to intimidate him, which is a good thing.

Take your pick people….

The Fights on it’s way Canelo v Floyd Tak Your Pick

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