Alexander Povetkin vs Taurus Sykes

Alexander Povetkin went the full 12 rounds against Eddie Chambers, for the first time in his career, acquiring valuable experience in a fairly competitive bout. Alexander Povetkin won that title eliminator, which means he’s now in contention to fight for a title, however, when that fight will come, depends on whether or not the man with the belt wants to step up. Anyway, today he fights a journey man in Taurus Sykes.

Alexander Povetkin fights Taurus Sykes, after defeating Eddie Chambers in his first title eliminator bout.

When the bell rings, Taurus Sykes immediately moves to the center of the ring and starts engaging Alexander Povetkin, however Alexander doesn’t look too fazed by it, as he takes a considerable amount of time, before he starts to mount his own attack. This looks like it could be an interesting bout, or not.

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