Alexander Povetkin vs Ruslan Chagaev

Alexander Povetkin went the difference with Nicolai Firtha, to win the fight by unanimous decision. A decent fights, very well for Alexander Povetkin, to fight a tall and competent individual, as this will help him, when he steps up against the very best in the division. Anyway, today he fights for his first title, the WBA (Regular) heavyweight belt, against Ruslan Chagaev, who is undoubtedly the best opponent he will have faced, up till now.

Alexander Povetkin fights Ruslan Chagaev for the WBA heavyweight title.

When the bell rings, Alexander Povetkin immediately gets to work, by establishing distance and by repeatedly throwing that jab. This is a far cry from his previous fights, as he’s been happy to just sit back and feel his opponent out. There is obviously a level of enthusiasm in Alexander, that wasn’t there in his last two fights. So this could be a really exciting one, which is why you should give it a watch.

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