Alexander Povetkin vs Patrice L’Heureux

Alexander Povetkin finished his last opponent in just two rounds, in a very impressive fight. However, he did fight a journey man in David Bostice, so it was expected that he would win, it’s just good to see that he is gradually getting better. Anyway, today, he’s fighting another little known fighter in Patrice L’Heureux, so let’s how he can replicate this same form.

Alexander Povetkin getting close to that title shot, steps up against Patrice L’Heureux.

As soon as the fight starts, Patrice L’Heureux looks to take the initiative, by engaging Povetkin. Alexander on the other hand, adopts his usual approach sizing his opponent up, and evaluating what he has to offer. This is a good tactic for the lesser opponents, but I fear, he’ll have to soon learn to take the initiative in future fights.

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