Alexander Povetkin vs Nicolai Firtha

Alexander Povetkin did well in his last fight against Teke Oruh, ending it in a stoppage, which is always good for a fighter’s confidence. With that said, the level of competition wasn’t the greatest, but he was, at times, forced to show flashes of his best game. Anyway, today he fights Nicolai Firtha, who is pretty much, a journeyman, so let’s see how this one plays out.

Alexander Povetkin edging close to a title shot, steps up against Nicolai Firtha.

This fight starts off, with a lot of activity coming from Nicolai Firtha, as he easily looks confident, and is willing to take his chances. Alexander Povetkin on the other hand, adopts his usual, cautious approach to his fights, by staying outside of his opponents range, and studying him. This looks like an interesting fight, especially when you consider the size difference, so definitely worth a watch, to see how it ends.

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