Alexander Povetkin vs Muhammed Ali Durmaz

Alexander Povetkin managed to win the gold medal, in the 2004 Olympics; he was also able to win double gold at the world amateurs, so he was/is a highly established amateur boxer. However, professional boxing and amateur boxing are considerably different, and so, cannot be used to determine how successful a fighter will be in his pro career. Anyway, today Alexander Povetkin fights journeyman in Muhammed Ali Durmaz, so we should hope he will make a good start to his career.

2004 Olympic gold medallist Alexander Povetkin, fights Muhammed Ali Durmaz in his first professional bout.

This fight has a fairly balanced start to it; Alexander Povetkin immediately takes the center of the ring and starts to throw a series of punches, nothing seriously damaging, but with enough power to hurt his opponent. Muhammed Ali Durmaz doesn’t look to have many weapons in his arsenal, but we’ll have to wait and see how this ends.

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