Alexander Povetkin vs Larry Donald

Alexander Povetkin scored another two round easy victory over Patrice L’Heureux, to show that he is now ready to step up in opposition. In walks Larry Donald, who although is not the best fighter, is a very durable opponent that has fought for the heavyweight crown on many occasions. With that said, Larry Donald has entered the late stages of his career, so the outcome of this fight, will not be indicative of what we can expect to see from Alexander Povetkin, in the future.

Alexander Povetkin is looking like he’s ready for some better opponents in Larry Donald.

As soon as the bell rings, both fighters take to the centre of the ring and begin working each other out. This fight has a very balanced start to it, with both fighters posturing up, with not a lot of action. This looks like it may be a very tactical fight, unlike the previous fights we have seen of Alexander.

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