Alexander Povetkin vs Deontay Wilder – Who Wins?

Alexander Povetkin vs Deontay Wilder

Alexander Povetkin vs Deontay Wilder is a fight that should be happening very soon. 2 Heavyweights that have quality. A fight like this hasn’t been seen for a long time.

Deontay Wilders says this is just another Stiverne fight:

Stiverne, as good as he is as a fighter, just wasn’t tall enough to land his hard power shots against Wilder. If Stiverne was 6’6” or 6’7”, he would have had a chance of winning, but he didn’t have the arm length or the height to connect to Wilder’s jaw.

“It’s Stiverne all over again’ for him,” Wilder said about Povetkin as quoted earlier today by Dan Rafael.

I have to agree with Deontay. Povetkin is just too short, and he can’t get his punches off when he fights taller guys. When Wladimir Klitschko fought Povetkin in October 2013, Povetkin couldn’t land anything. He was stuck on the outside and was as helpless as a baby. When Povetkin would attempt to shorten the range and get inside on Wladimir, he was immediately tied up by the big 6’6” Ukrainian.


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