Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell

Alexander Povetkin did well in his first title fight against Ruslan Chagaev, to win via unanimous decision in a 12 round fight. All the experience he was able to gain from his previous fights, really paid off, as he did, just enough to win against a very component fighter in Ruslan. Anyway, today he will be fighting Cedric Boswell in his first title defence, so let’s see how that goes.

The new WBA heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin, has his first title defence against Cedric Boswell.

When the bell rings, both fighters take to the centre of the ring and start to feel each other out. There isn’t a lot of activity in terms of punches being thrown, just a lot of posturing and sizing of each other up. This looks like it could be a very long fight, so definitely worth a watch.

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