Alexander Povetkin vs Andrzej Wawrzyk

Alexander Povetkin looks fairly impressive in his last bout against Hasim Rahman, although many will question the ability of Rahman to be effective in the ring anymore. With that said, it was still a good win, which should have done wonders for his confidence. Anyway, today he’ll be fighting a decent opponent in Andrzej Wawrzyk, undefeated, though hasn’t been too impressive, but should give it his all.

The WBA (Regular) heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin steps up against Andrzej Wawrzyk.

When the bell rings, both fighters move to the centre of the ring, with Alexander Povetkin pushing the action. Andrzej Wawrzyk looks fairly reserved, trying to stay out of ring, while attempting to figure out his opponent. Povetkin on the other hand looks intent on taking the fight to his opponent.

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