Adrien Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi – Highlights

Good fight for Malignaggi, I think that he tested Broner. Paulie I think was very active in this fight. For a guy that doesn’t have a lot of natural punching power he does a great job of using what he has.

Andrien broner is a star in the making. I think that he was pretty cocker, in this one of his toughest tests to date.

There is a a lot of dislike before this fight between Adrien Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi, even a knee! Broner looks big and powerful compared to Paulie.

Broner didn’t punch much so this could have been closer than the end result suggests, but Broner is definitely the tougher boxer for what that is worth.

This was an interesting fight, even if not the most exciting fight I have seen.

Paulie is a good fighter, so he should probably fight some more. As for Adrien he has a future ahead of him, we have to see where it takes him.

Good fight for Paulie with more power he may have done better…


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