Adrien Broner Tells Jay Z To Suck His D***

Adrien Broner (AB) has been talking again. He’s told his mentor Jay Z to suck his d***. I’m not to sure where Broner is going with this from a business point of view. Insulting potential business partners is surely not a good business strategy.

AB, feels like he was disrespected, because he was just sent an email and Jay Z didn’t even have the courtesy to contact him personally. If that’s how he feels, there’s not too much that can be said about that.

But let’s look at the contract offered… 40 million for 5 year? Hmm, I think that’s a little low considering, Mayweather get’s more than that for 1 fight in his 6 fight deal, of 300 million. And take NOTE: 6 fight deal, not 5 or 6 years. In theory, Mayweather could fight all his fights in a year and be free from his contract.

I think AB has a point from a business stand point, in terms of his potential worth, but less of the insults… He would be better off making a counter-offer, that’s business, “I think?”, Or maybe I’m wrong….

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